Stained Glass Windows

“Stained Glass Windows” is in Embodied Effigies issue number three!

This piece was extremely difficult to write and perfect. It took months to get it to where I wanted it and over 100 rejections by many literary magazines.

An excerpt was published in SUNY New Paltz’s The Stonesthrow Review during my senior year of my undergraduate days. A professor, who I worked on this piece with, put a slimmed-down version of this piece into the book for the English Department.

While it still looked and read well, I was disappointed that they couldn’t fit it all in. It was only glimpse into my head and didn’t end at the point I wanted it to.

I needed to tell this story, and I needed it all to be on the page.

As a fair warning, there is some material in this piece that may upset some individuals. My goal was to be raw, so please keep that in mind while reading.

I give you, “Stained Glass Windows.”


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