The Burn Our Houses Down Series: Painted Red

“This book is another masterpiece by Kelsey! A great continuation to this awesome series! A must read!”

“This book was the perfect ending to the series. I couldn’t put it down! I was impressed with the dimensionality of the characters and the story was great. I would definitely recommend this book/series for anyone looking for a good read.” -Janice McGrath,

“I had to read one after the other. Couldn’t put them down even though I don’t really read this type of books. Good job.” -Athena L. Reidy,


Six months ago, the food went missing. A growling in the woods made it clear to Hayley, Xavier and Aisley that safety wasn’t an option anymore. Gangs run the woods forcing the remaining survivors to flee. Hayley and Aisley were taken by the soldiers at Fort Ticonderoga. But they didn’t save Xavier.

Separated from his family, Xavier must survive in the woods in order to see them again. But will he still remain a human, or will he turn into more of a monster to keep himself alive?


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