The Burn Our Houses Down Series: Painted Red

“This book is another masterpiece by Kelsey! A great continuation to this awesome series! A must read!”

“This book was the perfect ending to the series. I couldn’t put it down! I was impressed with the dimensionality of the characters and the story was great. I would definitely recommend this book/series for anyone looking for a good read.” -Janice McGrath,

“I had to read one after the other. Couldn’t put them down even though I don’t really read this type of books. Good job.” -Athena L. Reidy,

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“The development in this book is fantastic. I opened it just to “get a feel” for what the book was going to be like, intending to read it at a later date… But with each successive chapter, it grew harder and harder to put it down!” -Full review from Leslie on “The Upstream Writer

“This is the first book I have read by Kelsey Garmendia, and it was fantastic! The story, taking place in both the past and the future, draws you in and makes you want to keep reading to know what is going to happen next.” -Jessica Rich,

“My favorite book by this author so far! If you are looking to get your hands on something different Disenchanted is the book to read! It is far from the norm but will not disappoint.” -Heaven Lyanne Flores, Author and Blogger

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The Burn Our Houses Down Series: If I Lose

“I greatly recommend this one. I love how strong the characters are! You almost feel like you’re with them fighting for survival.” -Janice McGrath,

“Well written and felt like current time but scary that it might be real. Looking forward to more from author.” -Athena L. Reidy,

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The Burn Our Houses Down Series: Burn Our Houses Down

The gripping adventure and interesting narrative of this dystopian love story make for a quick read as the action never lets up with thrills that keep readers hanging onto every word.” -Brandi Bromley,

“I really enjoyed this especially that you aren’t quite sure what exactly the malevolence is which makes it scarier. Of course, you’re right along with the characters, who also are trying to figure it out as they go along. it doesn’t all just fall into place for them, which is very believable.” -Nicole Clark,

“This book really held my attention throughout. I love how different this story was to other post-apocalyptic books I’ve read. I thought it was weird that only New York was touched by this non-human, but human creature. I guess I’ll have to keep reading to know more!” -Heaven Lyanne Flores, Author and Blogger

“The only time I wasn’t reading this was when I was asleep. lol So all in all…I think I read this in under 6 hours. It kept me hooked! Very interesting storyline that sets it apart from other books I have read previously.” -Sheena,

“Garmendia’s writing is amazeballs (and I think I’ve only ever used that word once or twice here on BB, so that should tell you something). Not too flowerly and full of purple prose. Not too info-dump-y. Her characters are sarcastic, flawed, and three-dimensional. Her dual POVs from both of the main characters, Hayley and Xavier, worked. It’s rare that I think a woman writing from an early-20 year old’s man’s voice works, but she did it expertly. I l really liked Hayley and her snarky comments. And let me just take a minute to acknowledge how much I enjoyed 9 year old Aisley.” -Danie, and The Bookish Brunette Continue reading “The Burn Our Houses Down Series: Burn Our Houses Down”

Sleep Now, It’s Ok To Wake Up Late

“Sleep Now, It’s Ok To Wake Up Late”

The car accident played over in their minds, I’m sure. I couldn’t do anything about it though, and it killed me inside; I didn’t want it to end like this. What I wanted, however, hadn’t mattered for years, so I expected my death to be something like this.

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